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Agricultural Lending

Finance Your Business Endeavors with an Agriculture Loan at Verimore Bank

At Verimore Bank, we are the best bank for small businesses - we care about you, where you come from, and where you’re going. As a bank that specializes in personal loans and agriculture loans, we take pride in being the financial institution that families and local farmers can count on.

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Our Ag Roots Run Deep
We originally started as a local bank in Missouri in 1934, focused on providing for our local community and meeting their financial needs during The Great Depression.
Since then, we’ve continued to be a community-focused, forward-thinking bank for the people that offers a wide array of financial services - including loans for farmers and ranchers.

With our company roots planted deeply in the midwest, Verimore Bank is attuned to the needs of the agricultural industry.

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Agriculture Loans and Banking Services
We have an extensive history and a legacy of providing support to those in our community that supply ag-related products and services. Some of the most common uses of an agriculture loan include:

  • Funding the production of fruit, vegetables, and other crops
  • Funding livestock operations
  • Purchasing farmland and real estate
  • Purchasing heavy machinery and farming equipment
  • Funding improvements or repairs to essential machinery and infrastructure
  • Funding the expansion of a farm

When it comes to your crops, livestock, land, and equipment, our ag lenders have a deep, genuine understanding of your needs and hopes for the future.

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Verimore Bank Will Meet Your Farming Needs

Agriculture loans are a type of business loan that allows you to finance large equipment purchases, cover operational costs, add improvements, make repairs, and expand your business.

Unlike a personal loan, ag lending is specifically designed for those in need of agricultural financing, which is why we pride ourselves on being a lender that specializes in meeting the needs of agricultural borrowers.

The agricultural industry can be expensive and unpredictable, but at Verimore Bank, we believe in you and your operations. When you use our community-centered bank for your agricultural banking needs, you’ll find that our professionals have plenty of industry expertise and are highly qualified to help.

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At Verimore Bank, we make sure you get the financial tools you need to take your business to the next level. We offer financial flexibility and a wide range of terms for farming and ranching operations of all sizes.

Farming and other agricultural businesses can be incredibly expensive, ever-changing, and the cost of operations can fluctuate greatly. When you get an agriculture loan with us, rest easy knowing you have the funding to help your business thrive.

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