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Customized Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our Competitive Loans Position Your Business for Success

Buying a commercial property for your business or generating income through commercial development are powerful ways to invest and generate revenue.
However, you need the right bank on your side to get the ball rolling. Commercial real estate success begins with Verimore Bank, your locally owned and operated full-service bank. 
Now in our 90th year, Verimore Bank business loan professionals offer commercial real estate loans that are specifically tailored for your next step forward, no matter your real estate plans.

Commercial Real Estate Loans for Every Investment Strategy

Commercial real estate loans present several business opportunities that promise returns on your investment and hard work.
Commercial real estate loans from Verimore Bank are available for:
● Buying a new property for your business.  
● Buying for development, leasing, and re-selling.
● Refinancing your commercial property.
● Expanding or relocating your business. 
No matter what vision you have for your commercial real estate loan, Verimore Bank brings it to life with personalized service you can’t get from a national bank chain.
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Why Choose Verimore Bank for Your Commercial Real Estate Loan?
Verimore Bank’s business bankers have the experience you’re looking for to ensure your next business venture is set up for success.
When you work with Verimore Bank for your commercial real estate loan, you get:
● Competitive loan rates.
● Customization based on your goals.
● A loan term length that suits your needs.
● Comprehensive support throughout the process.
● A banking team that believes in your vision.
We understand the efforts you put into your business ventures. We honor your hard work with the banking services you deserve. 

Verimore Bank Is Your Champion for Commercial Real Estate Loans and More

We’re here to support your business financing needs, wherever life takes you next. In addition to commercial real estate loans, we offer competitive business loans to help you with even more entrepreneurial goals:
● Equipment financing
● Construction loans for builders
● Agricultural loans for local farmers
● A revolving line of credit 
Bundle these loan products with our online and in-person banking services, including remote deposit, and you’ll benefit even more from what Verimore Bank has to offer. We make your day-to-day business banking convenient, secure, and hassle-free. 
Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are located in your community, so you have the banking support you need when you need it. Your roots and your goals are local, and the bank that helps you thrive should be local too. Verimore Bank is standing beside you as you make the financial decisions that will bring success to you, your family, and our community.

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