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Current Bank Scams to Watch Out For

Don’t Get Sucked In: Avoid These Bank Scams

Whether it’s through a phone call, your email, or text messages, bad actors are looking to get ahold of your most important information to steal your money and identity.

We’re here to stop that from happening to you. Verimore Bank, your key resource for online banking, is committed to educating the Kansas City area and beyond about the dangers that banking scams pose. 

We’ve provided our list of current scams to ensure you stay vigilant and cautious about your most essential banking and identity-related information. Verimore Bank will never call and ask you for your personal information, such as your social security number, bank account number, or both. 

Phone, Text, and Online Bank Scams to Be Aware of Right Now

Remember: if you receive an offer by email, text, or phone that seems too good to be true, it is. And if anyone is calling, texting, or emailing you asking for account information or other personal details, do not share anything with them.

You can avoid a bank scam by following these rules about your personal information and electronic banking:

●    Never share your social security number or bank account information if you’re unsure. Verimore Bank will never ask for this information over the phone, or by email or text.
●    Every time you receive a message by text, email, or phone with a request for your information or a link for you to click, you should assume it is a potential scam that you need to verify carefully. Do not click any links in these communications.
●    Only communicate with businesses or government entities through their official apps or websites.

Scams Happening Now

The following scams are currently on the rise:

1.    Business deal scams: In this scam, you may receive a text, email, or call offering to send you a few thousand dollars. You will be asked to deposit the check in the bank electronically and return to the bank in a day or two to withdraw most of the money and wire it from a third party that is not a bank.

Unfortunately, the check they’ve sent you is fraudulent and gets returned to the bank a few days later - but not before you’ve taken the cash out and wired it, leaving you responsible for all the cash you withdrew. The scammer may tell you that they need help getting out of a bind, or they want you to pay an up-front fee to become a secret shopper. 

2.    Corporate Account Takeover: This is a form of identity theft where a business’s online credentials are stolen. Cyber thieves gain access to a business’s computer system to steal confidential banking information. They do this to impersonate the business and send unauthorized wire and ACH transactions to accounts controlled by the thieves.

Find out more about this scam, how it could affect your business, and what you can do to stay safe.

Continue to check this page in the future to stay aware of current threats we’re monitoring at Verimore Bank.

Avoid Bank Scams and Stay Safe with Verimore Bank

Verimore Bank, your trusted Kansas City bank for online banking, business loans, and everything in between, wants to see you thrive. We never want our customers to get taken advantage of by the many scams that exist today. 

You can always call and ask us to verify whether some message, call, or text is a scam. We’re happy to help you out, so you can put your money to good use, and not have to worry about getting your identity or money stolen by an electronic banking criminal.

Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are here to ensure you have an exceptional banking experience in your community.

Visit our locations page to discover local branch addresses, contact info, and hours of operation. 

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