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A Debit Card Is Your Key to the Best In-Person and Online Banking

Shop with Your Card or Phone, Wherever You Go

A debit card allows you to pay for purchases without having to carry cash. Now, you can shop for necessities, pay bills, and spend on entertainment, gifts, and more with the swipe of a card. 
You can even load your card information onto a mobile banking app, and use your device to pay. You also get the reassurance that your money is safely held by Verimore Bank in your checking account.

Your Debit Card Provides the Best Online Banking Features

It’s simple to get a debit card from Verimore Bank and discover the many opportunities available to you for online and in-store purchases. Our card is accepted anywhere Mastercard© is accepted. 
Here are the many benefits of a Verimore Bank debit card:
● Use your debit card in-store or online, anytime.
● Our debit cards work with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay®.
● Check your balance 24/7 with our online banking portal. 
● Use your debit card when you travel internationally. 
● Ensure your card stays secure with EMV chip technology.
Much like all our banking products and services, including our mobile banking app, our debit card makes life easier, whether you’re picking up groceries or buying that big-ticket item you’ve been saving for.

How to Get Our Debit Card Alongside In-Person and Online Banking Services

To get a debit card from Verimore Bank, follow these simple steps. 
1. Open a bank account at one of our local branches.
2. You can even make an appointment to suit your busy schedule. 
3. During your visit, we’ll show you how to open your online banking account.
4. Download our mobile banking and payment app here
5. Your debit card will arrive in the mail along with your PIN.
When you sign up for an account and debit card with Verimore, the best bank for online and in-person banking services, an entire world of online and in-person purchasing power becomes available to you.

Visit Us to Open a Bank Account for Online and In-Person Debit Card Use

Getting a debit card puts the power of banking right in your wallet - and inside your phone. Verimore Bank looks forward to helping you set up your bank account, debit card, and all the personal and business services we have to offer.
Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are here to ensure you have the best local banking experience. 
Visit our locations page to discover local branch addresses, contact info, and hours of operation. 
Lost or stolen debit card? Call 800.754.4128

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