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Experience the Benefits of Remote Deposit for Businesses

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Streamline processes and save time and money with special banking tools, so you can dedicate more effort, energy, and resources toward your business’s primary goals.

With remote check deposit, you can deposit your customers’ payment checks online and access revenue sooner without having to visit a branch location in person. All you have to do is sign up for a business account with Verimore Bank.

How Business Remote Deposit Works 

Remote deposit from Verimore Bank is the easiest way to deposit checks in your business account without leaving your office or job site.

Here’s how remote check deposit works:

  1. Ensure you have a secure internet connection.
  2. Purchase a check scanner or secure camera-based app.
  3. Endorse the check.
  4. Scan or photograph both sides of the check.
  5. Verify that the image is legible.
  6. Use your check scanner software or app to deposit the funds.

Soon after, you’ll be able to view your online check deposits in your business bank account and quickly access funds..

The Advantages of Remote Deposit

Our business customers love the many benefits of our remote check deposit tool for their business funds:

  • Security: Bringing your checks to the bank always involves the risk of losing a check. Now, you don’t have to put any member of the business in a position where they’re handling money off-site. With remote deposit, everything stays in your business office.
  • Faster deposits: Remote deposit is the fastest way to put cash in your bank account without having to wait for manual drop-off and deposit.
  • Save time and money: You save on the gas you’d normally use on trips to the bank, and you get more time back in your day to keep your business running strong.

Sign up for a business checking account today to start reaping the rewards of our full suite of business banking solutions, including our tool to instantly deposit checks online.

Verimore Bank Offers Key Banking Solutions for Your Business 

Your business deserves the most intuitive, cost-effective solutions you can get your hands on, so you can put your focus on the products and services that make your business strong. 

Whether you need a competitive business loan, easy-to-use cash management tools, remote deposit, or a friendly, knowledgeable banker to connect with in person, we’re always on your team.

Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are conveniently located in your community.

Visit our locations page to view local branch addresses, contact info, and hours of operation. 


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