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Manage Your Cash Flow with a Revolving Line of Credit 

A Key Banking Solution to Support Your Business 

Your business’s cash flow experiences peaks and valleys throughout the year. A business line of credit for Verimore Bank can help you manage the highs and lows, so you have cash when you need it. 
Verimore Bank offers a revolving line of credit for small businesses that helps you get funding when you require it. 

How Does a Revolving Line of Credit Work?

A revolving line of credit, also known as a business line of credit, provides access to cash on credit for your business’s many needs. 
● Some businesses use this line of credit to address situations when cash flow is lower, and they need to fill the gap. 
● Others use them in times when they hope to grow and need to make an investment in supplies or other resources. 
“Revolving” refers to the fact that you don’t take out a lump sum, like a business loan. Think of your line of credit as a credit card: your full credit line is available, and you make payments, plus interest, on what you withdraw. It is always available to you.

Why Businesses Prefer Our Revolving Line of Credit

Our commercial banking professionals have the experience and expertise to customize the right package for your business. When our customers close on a revolving line of credit for their small business with Verimore Bank, they feel prepared with premium resources and support to take on the many challenges of running a business.
Verimore Bank’s revolving line of credit provides:
● The chance to build your business credit report.
● Flexibility to access funds when needed.
● Support for seasonality and fluctuations in revenue.
● The funding needed to take advantage of a sudden opportunity.

Verimore Bank Is Dedicated to Your Business Goals

As a small business, you deserve as many people in your corner as possible. Not only do you need a team of employees willing to work with you to reach your goals, but you also should have a larger community surrounding you that wants to see you thrive. 
Verimore Bank is your champion for business success. We’ve customized our products and services to ensure small businesses have effective tools at their disposal, including a small business line of credit. 

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Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are located nearby, so you’ll always feel reassured that an expert financial team is available to cheer you on as you grow your business.
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