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Everyone should have access to in-person and online banking services, and financial knowledge should be just as accessible.
You’re stronger with the right financial information. Our communities are stronger, too. 
That’s why Verimore Bank is a trusted local bank near you. Since 1934, we’ve been helping families, businesses, and communities thrive. 
Access our resources whenever you need them to ensure you have financial support, whether you’re saving for a house, growing your small business, or opening your very first checking account. 

Our List of Banking Resources

Bookmark these banking resources, so you’ll have them on hand. Whether you’re about to travel internationally or you just want banking tips from our team, we have you covered.
  • Debit Card PIN Reset: Losing your PIN or requiring a PIN change doesn’t have to take days. 
  • Lost or Stolen Debit Cards: Get in touch with us right away to begin the reporting and cancellation process. 
  • International Travel with Debit Cards: Notify Verimore Bank before your next international trip, so you can continue to access your account in new locations.
  • Check Orders: Find out how to order your next batch of checks.
  • Current Scams: Scams are on the rise, and they get more sophisticated by the day. Stay on top of the latest financial scams.
  • Financial Calculators: Get all the information you need to make a successful financial decision, whether you’re trying to calculate out how long it will take to pay off a loan, what lease you can afford, or how to invest your money.
  • Our Blog: Get the latest insights, tips, and tricks about banking by reading our regularly published articles. 
  • Media Releases: Follow the Verimore Bank story as we introduce a new generation of leadership and make new strides in the 21st century.


Verimore Bank Is Your Partner for Banking Resources at Every Phase of Life 

From a loan for your first car, to that addition to your home when your family grows, Verimore Bank is there for you every step of the way. If you’re a small business, we’re right by your side through the highs and lows. 
Becoming the leading bank near you isn’t about how far our reach is, or whether we’ve got the biggest accounts and billboards on the highway. Leadership is all about the extra efforts we make to help the people who trust us with their financial futures.
Over the years, we’ve delivered signature solutions that improve the lives of our customers, including all our latest online banking features.
Find a Verimore Bank branch near you in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield.
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