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Take Your Online Banking to the Next Level with Mobile Pay

Mobile pay is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to pay for goods and services in-store and online. It’s also incredibly easy to set up. When using this mobile banking feature, your physical card is used as a virtual card that’s securely stored on your Apple or Android smartphone device.

Instead of pulling out your physical card to swipe, you will complete the transaction on your phone. It’s completely contactless, easy to do, and your card info is never shared with the merchant.

Make your Verimore Bank debit card work smarter, so life’s a little easier. You can set up mobile pay using Apple Pay®, Google Pay or Samsung Pay®. Download our app now.

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Have Questions About Mobile Banking? Verimore Bank Is Here to Help!

If you’re new to electronic banking and would like additional assistance setting it up, feel free to contact the team at Verimore Bank.

You can stop by any of our Verimore Bank locations all throughout Missouri with locations by Iowa and Kansas. Contact us by phone at 855-871-3303 or email us using the contact form.


Mobile Pay FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of using electronic banking for mobile payments?

A: Mobile payments make conducting transactions easier and more secure than ever. No more fumbling through your wallet or purse looking for your card. Everything you need to make payments is right on your phone.

Q: Is mobile pay linked to my free checking account?

A: Yes. When you arrange mobile pay, you will use the information from your Verimore Bank debit card that is associated with your free checking account.

Q: What is a mobile wallet?

A: You can think of a mobile wallet as the digital version of your physical wallet. You can securely store the details of your debit and credit cards in your mobile wallet, enabling you to use them to pay for goods and services without the physical card.

Q: Which mobile wallet company should I use?

A: Apple users should use Apple Pay®. Android users should use Google Pay or Samsung Pay®.

Q: Are there any fees or hidden charges associated with mobile pay?

A: Absolutely not. Similar to how there are no fees to use your debit card, you won’t incur any fees when using mobile banking to pay for goods and services.

Q: How do mobile payments work?

A: Mobile payments are made possible using a technology called near field communication, or NFC, for short. Using short-distance radio waves that extend approximately four inches, NFC-enabled payment terminals can detect nearby devices to complete transactions. Debit cards, credit cards, and smartphones with mobile banking can be used.

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