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Finance New Equipment with Our Business Loans

The Best Bank for Business Helps You Gear Up for Success

Build your business with the help of essential equipment: office furniture, heavy equipment, power tools, or any other necessity.
Choose the best business loan from Verimore Bank. Verimore Bank, your community’s leading business loan bank, offers competitive assets-based lending to drive your business forward.

How to Choose the Best Business Loan for Equipment

Choosing a business loan that will help you finance essential business equipment begins with choosing the best bank for business in the Kansas City area. At Verimore Bank, we strive to help you make the decisions that will benefit your business most. 
When you need equipment financing, Verimore Bank delivers the following:
● Customized support for your business loan needs.
● The right equipment loan option for your business.
● Budget-friendly financing.
● Friendly customer service you’d expect from a hometown business.
Verimore Bank can not only provide an equipment loan, but also can help you with all your business banking needs, including: 
Business services, including cash management and remote deposit.
● Additional business loan products, such as a revolving line of credit.

Why Finance Equipment with a Business Loan

Financing a business loan is the best way to ensure you have the equipment you require now, so you can run your business as seamlessly as possible. 
Verimore Bank’s equipment loans provide these benefits:
● More cash on hand
● Make needed upgrades faster
● Ensure day-to-day operations continue as planned
● Avoid large purchases all at once
● Invest more money elsewhere

Verimore Bank Is the Best in the Business for Loans and Much More

Expand your business, increase your capacity, or update your existing equipment with help from Verimore Bank. Our financing options make your goals attainable now without having to fully invest with cash right away.
Our branches in North Kansas City, Kearney, Eagleville, Milan, and Brookfield are committed to our community business’s growth, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a business loan from our bank after many years. Whatever your business’s current goals, we have you covered.

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