Now available in the Verimore Bank mobile app, Card Controls enable you to adjust when, how and where your Verimore Bank debit card is used. 

What is it? Card Control. It’s now available in your mobile app under the “More” tab. First time users need to enroll and enable their Verimore Bank debit card(s) within the feature.
How is it used? Once you’re enrolled, you can begin adjusting the settings for where and how your Verimore Bank debit card(s) can be used. Settings are included for the following options: Adding & Disabling Cards; Location Controls; Transaction Type; Merchant Type and Threshold Amount Controls.
Why should I use it? Card Controls is an additional feature that furthers the security of your debit card. The benefit is that these settings can protect you from fraud in the event of card skimming, loss and theft by limiting how your card’s information can be used.
How do I get started? Enrollment in Card Controls is completed in the Verimore Bank mobile app. 
Call or stop by your local Verimore Bank branch for further information or help getting started.
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